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2017 Act FAST Run Team

Act FAST Running Team
September 30 & October 1, 2017

Saint Paul - State Capitol Grounds (September 30)
Minneapolis - Near US Bank Stadium (October 1)

What does it mean to Act FAST? In the stroke community, it means recognizing the signs of stroke (Facial Drooping, Arm Weakness and Slurred Speech) and acting on them in a timely fashion by calling 911. In our daily lives, however, we can Act FAST by raising awareness of stroke's warning signs throughout our communities and across the state. Enter the Act FAST Running Team!

By joining this team, you, your friends and loved ones are using healthy activity - the cornerstone of stroke prevention - to unite awareness-raising with fundraising. On the Act FAST team are stroke survivors, their friends, loved ones and anyone who wishes to support the Minnesota Stroke Association (MSA).

Act FAST will participate in races around the state, while taking the opportunity to solicit sponsorships - with the support of the MSA - during training and leading up to the race. A fundraising expectation will be set for each participant to raise before race day. The MSA will also provide support with race registration; fund raising ideas and stroke literature; a training program and tips, cross-training opportunities and group runs. Each participant will receive an Act FAST logo running shirt.

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